Sunday, March 11, 2012

An abundance

of everything, especially the tomatoes, they continue to ripen nicely, here's the state of the plants at the moment, almost leafless

another harvest photo, they're all starting to look the same, there was also a large sack of yellow beans. :)

The aubergine plants are now up to my chin and are setting fruit on every flower, I have been 'helping' by
touching all the flowers with my fingertips to cross pollinate them. I have no idea if it really does any good or not, but I like the theory. They do seem to get pretty aphidy so I've had to give them a spray or two of pyrethrum. I have also started removing some of the laterals as the plants will end up too large, also I wonder whether any new fruit will ripen before this summer is over. Though once the flower sets they fatten up pretty quickly, and they say it's best to harvest them when they are quite small and unripe.

The fennel bulbs are looking lovely, grown from seed

and we have one shy pumpkin hiding amongst the ferns

Feijoas are ripening, gave them a dose of citrus fertilizer, sposed to be just the ticket. Hopefully we will have nice large ones.

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