Sunday, February 19, 2012

Very summer

Total blue dome skies and burning rays the moment you were in the sun, definitely had to plan the gardening around the shady bits.
Planted another 53 Cardiff leek seedlings, all from one punnet. Put in some zucchini seeds, they say there is time for a whole new generation of new plants, in theory not as diseasy as the old ones.
The tomatoes are producing copious amounts of perfect fruit, it will be hard work making them all into sauces and chutneys.

The plants are looking fairly naked, the leaves are showing lots of yellowing so I have been pretty ruthless in removing them. The fruit don't seem to mind and are ripening well

Ugly but effective I guess.

Planted a six pack of tender stems broccoli, the type you can keep harvesting. Had to build a butterfly net cage around the though to give then a chance.

the umbrella is shielding them from the ravishes of the midday sun

Happy vegetables are good vegetables!

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