Sunday, April 10, 2011

The end of the line for the tomatoes...

Yes, the end is nigh, in fact it's been. The poor old plants were looking pretty terrible, scrawny sticks with green and orange things hanging from them.

So out they all came, still got a nice bucketful of fruit for another batch of chutney or passata.

Haven't done too badly with the tomatoes this year, they certainly weren't pretty but we got a reasonable amount.
Here are our wonderful sauces and chutneys so far


Jamie Oliver's ketchup

And more of Pauline's most delicious hot chutney

Also pulled three of the basil plants just leaving one huge one, they grew so large and bountiful this year, it was lovely to brush through them to get the lovely smell in the air and over yourself. Very end of summery!

Was given a lovely grey pumpkin on Friday, just had to take a photo of it's tendril...

Planted out seedlings of beetroot and more rocket and half a dozen new lettuce. Gave them all nice little tents of white butterfly proof netting so they may survive the onslaught. Trimmed the ivy hedge and mowed the lawns, not bad for a weekend!

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