Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lazy summer

Long time no post!
Been most busy, been overseas!
To Blenheim!
Most nice, several planes and hotels/motels, weddings and wineries, museums and pigeons, a party and then a happy home with best daughter in tow.

The garden had grown heaps, only five days but there was quite a noticeable growth spurt.

The main tomato is getting close to the roofline

I pulled up all the garlic and was a little disappointed with the size of the bulbs, some weren't bad but there were quite a lot of small ones. No idea why, perhaps I planted them a bit close together...

There are quite a few things to gather on a daily basis, cucumber, chilies, a few beans, some small tomatoes, basil, a zucchini or two etc. All of them are nice on the BBQ. We have been using it almost daily

pulled a few of the long beetroot, they look great!

We've just had a major rain event with the river very close to the top of the stop banks indeed, everything in the garden is having another spurt, it must be the nitrogen that locks into the rain as it falls ( or something) (or lack of chemicals). Actually I have been wondering about some sort of rain water gathering system. Something that could be very necessary in the future.

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