Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day

A somewhat calmer day than most leading up to it. We have a beautiful sunny day, the bit of wind misses us behind the fence.
Had a good day catching up with the patch. Dug up the last of the parsnips, the tops were really large and looping over the path and everything around them, so out the came. Most satisfying bunch they were, nice fatties of reasonable length, I think the soil really does need to be dug really deep to get them to get as long as the growers do. Not bad though.

Pulled the pea plants as they were starting to look terrible and there were no more flowers to see. Got a veritable sack of peas from it again yum yum

The main tomato is starting to show itself in it's true form, it's going to be another monster one I think. Added extra length to the center pole as well as a couple of support poles at the sides to keep the whole thing steady, the weight of all those tomatoes will be quite considerable. It would be sad to have it topple over in a high wind when it was fully laden with fruit.

Looking closely on the large version you can see wee dots of red! Yes the little ones are doing it, these are the first of what is going to be an avalanche of tomatoes. Yay.

The Lebanese cucumbers are forming nicely, I keep cutting off it's lateral branches, it would happily engulf half the garden otherwise. I'm forcing it to grow up a 'witches hat' metal frame.
The flowers are pretty

Plums are definitely getting plummy, I'll have to watch the waxeyes as they seem to like them as much as we do. In fact I may have to pick them soon and let them have a final ripening indoors in safety (at least from the birds).

Planted out about 20 silver beet seedlings that had been getting loopy in their small tray, and 2 more rows of carrots as well as 3 rows of beans. The first lot are now setting flowers so we will have quite a supply for a while. Might plant some climbing beans up the pergola post as the sweet peas seemed to like it a lot and looked very sweet while they were at it!

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Amy V. said...

All sounds very tasty! Well done Mr gardener. :)