Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garlic shoots!

They're allmost all up and growing well. That part of the garden does not get sun on it as yet, a few more weeks and the sun will have risen higher in the sky to just start bathing that area in goodness and light! The sweetpeas will also really start to grow well then too.

Here are all the little babies starting to show.

I came across a video on the harvesting of garlic that seemed very useful, even explaining the difference between hard and soft shoot varieties:

We moved our large and wonderful rosemary bush to the back of the garden and are now going to prepare the area it was in for a small brick paved area that will be most pleasant to sit in the lovely warm sun at this time of the year. Just figured out how many bricks we need (150)and about 4 bags of ready mixed concrete and it's all go.

Photo of me and Hazel the thunder cat, though she doesn't thunder around the place quite so much in her old age. Nor do I mind you...

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