Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday in June, garlic planting

The weather has been far too dodgy for any garden work recently, so it was great to have a day and a half this weekend to get stuck in.
Planted 22 of our own grown garlic cloves as well as about 80 proper bought ones. I have been preparing the soil for the last couple of weeks with some compost and a good deep dig. The garlic cloves can be planted 6cm from each other, so by laying out a pattern of sticks I was able to plant 100 bulbs in about 1sqm.
Also planted 2 rows of carrots and 2 rows of good old parsnip. They say to cover the parsnip seeds with planks to keep them moist till they sprout, then remove the planks. We will see!
The broccoli have surpassed themselves, they have magnificent heads ready to eat!
Just need to manually remove the odd caterpillar, they are easy to track when you spot their black droppings.
The daphne bushes are about to flower, and daffodil shoots have started to show in the Rose Gardens...

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