Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mid Autumn I guess you could call it

The garden looks nice and tidy after the tomato met it's maker

It's getting much cooler in the evenings now, and with daylight savings ending over Easter the day ends so much quicker seemingly. The chillis and peppers are still growing and ripening and with a bit of luck we may still get a one more flush of beans. The one and only basil we grew this year is huge and still producing perfect large leaves (must make some oil). In the meantime we have planted lots more beetroot and a bunch of lettuce. The rocket I sowed last weekend is up and growing stronger by the day. Lets hope the white butterflies leave it alone. I admit to derris dusting the brassicas.
I have picked a veritable peck or three of peppers to be pickled. They look wonderful in a heap, a good harvest. The plant still has plenty left for drying too.

I had a play with them :)

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