Sunday, March 7, 2010

Big changes time

late summer, nice, the temperatures are high, some days up to 26C but the sun doesn't feel as fierce.
The second tomato plant has had it's run, got too sad looking with most of it's leaves gone. The late blight got a good hold on it. Luckily most of the tomatoes themselves are all red and I was able to cut whole trusses as I dismembered the plant. There are many jars of chutney/sauces to be made!

Now there is a nice clear area to get stuck into.

We planted two good rows of parsnip seeds and I made chicken wire hats to protect from cats and birds.
They take up to four weeks to germinate.
We will put in a good bunch of beetroot and onions (seem to do well with them) and also broccoli etc soon.

There are heaps of peppers ready now, almost every plant is slightly different. They seem to be able to mutate quite happily. The thinner and longer they are, the hotter...

Yum on the bbq on baking paper with tomatoes and basil/oil/salt/pepper...

The cherry truss tomato is still going strong, wonderful plant!
Framed by the bean plants and zucchini

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