Sunday, February 7, 2010

Waitangi weekend

Nice weekend, almost like a long one as it's a public holiday and I didn't open the shop for the usual Saturday morning trade. Lovely sleep in.

The capsicums are starting to turn red and so are the wildfire chillies. We threw a whole long capsicum on the barbecue the other night as a tester and surprise surprise, it was hot, chili hot. We are sure the original one we had kept the seeds from was not hot at all. Maybe they have cross pollinated with the chili plant as they are all growing through each other. Anyway, hot is good!
These are the first red ones, quite small compared to the average, they sure look like giant chillis so I guess it's not surprising that they could revert.

And I can't resist another tomato photo, just picked another 30 or so and they are increasing daily. All from the one plant. All perfect and almost the exact same size. Best of all they are nice and tasty.

We are making some dried tomatoes now. Cut in half, scoop out the seeds and a light dash of salt upside down on trays in the oven 6-8 hours real low with the door just ajar.
I have plaited (or should I say attempted plaiting) half of the garlic crop. Looks pretty good if you don't look too close.
Here's a blog with photos showing correct plaiting, I think my poor brain can't cope with all the left right stuff...

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Gillybean said...

Hi thanks for the shout out, I'm glad my post was helpful. Your tomatoes look magnificent, mine are all being sucked to death by stink bugs.