Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been a week or two. A busy wonderful week or two. Life is good in summer time, beaches to play at, wonderful meals to eat outside in the warm still air, even some boogie boarding in the rain.
The veges have been growing like mad, some surreptitious watering here and there has kept it all producing well.
Harvested quite a few of the red onions and about half of the garlic today.
The onions are huge!

Here's the state of my wonderful tomato plant, it is truly astounding, if most of the fruit reach maturity we will have over 450 tomatoes...
click the image to see a larger view

and a front on view, I've nipped out the growing tips as it's getting too tall.

There don't seem to be too many pests this year, we have palnted the geranums and the seem to work. Saying that the number two tomato has got a touch of late blight and I've been removing leaves and spraying with copper oxychloride to prevent it spreading. Aphids aren't too bad, neem oil is keeping them at bay. Best daughter and Ihave been harvesting the biggest most open pyrethrum flowers to dry them and crush them to make a spray with a touch of soap powder. Hope it works.

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