Saturday, January 3, 2009

January the 3rd already, where has the year gone?

Wow, that was a great Christmas and New Year, family and friends to stay and sun and beaches and food and drink and everything! And some gardening!

Just picked some of the garlic, it's getting useable now though still quite small, it needs to flower and die down before it's full formed I gather. Looks nice though

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We've been having lots of beans and potatoes and zucchinis as well now, yum.
The zucchini is just a huge vegetable growing sex machine, the huge male and female flowers are amazing to see wide open before they curl up and shut themselves up all coy and private.

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And last but not least, here's a rare photo of me (taken by best daughter Nasturtium Gnome) picking beans from the bean tree!

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It's just started to rain now so everything will get another good growth spurt on, it's all good.

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Beverley said...

Jos, that's a great photo of you. I'd have recognised you anywhere. ;)